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Welcome To The Continuous Dream Of...
Susannah Indigo

Susannah Indigo is a writer and consultant living
in Colorado. She has just completed an erotic
serial of thirteen interlocking stories for Erotasy,
which was chosen as the 'Best Erotic Web
Site' by the San Francisco Bay Guardian and as
one of Colorado's 'One Hundred Great Web Sites'
by the Rocky Mountain News. The Erotasy column
also runs in delayed syndication for the Xandria
Collection's Entertainment Section.

Susannah's fiction is published in many
magazines -- including Libido, Black Sheets,
Howlings: Wild Women of the West ,
Clean Sheets, Mind Caviar, and The Museum
of Sex journal -- The Position. Her stories are also
available in the following books and on audio:

Best American Erotica 2000.
Best Women's Erotica 2000
Herotica 6
Libido's Best CD (audio)

Susannah has won awards for her writing
from both Libido and the National Writers'
Association, and she was one of ten finalists
in the 1999 PEN/Harry's Bar Imitation Hemingway
She recently took part in Susie
Bright's Best American Erotica 2000 Revue
at Slim's Nightclub in San Francisco.


Susannah Indigo
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